Esports & Gaming

It's quite something really. A lot of people don't really understand it and I mean, I get it; when we think about a "sport" we think about a physical exercise, not a person sitting behind a screen for hours; but then, is Racing a sport ?

Why this?

Over the years, as an ex-pro player, avid gamer, I came to a conclusion : Most of the brands don't know how to approach the subject in terms of advertising, social media or other. I'm here to fix that.

You want to reach this audience.

The Esport world and gamers in general are a special breed. Between the langauge (ggez, weebs, smurf, wh, etc.) it can be quite confusing to understand and talk to them in a proper manner. A lot of the time, we see brands trying out "Drink X-product to the headshots and win your battles!" This has almost no impacts except if you are an already well established brand in the industry. This create "cringe." Being an ex pro-player & working in advertising for couple years now, I understand both worlds.

My track-record

Now playing for fun and streaming in the same time, I put aside my pro-career in gaming, but here is some achievements for the years:

KSF (Captain) - BF2
JAG eu (Captain) - BF2
BFB (Main Rooster) - BF2 & BF2142
Dignitas EU (Main Rooster) - BF2
UO Singapore (Sub) - CODMW
BFNUT Singapore (Sub) - BF3

ESL BF2 5on5 EU - Top 3 ladder
ESL BF2 5on5 FR - Top 1
ESWC BF2 - Top 1
ESWC BF2 - Top 2
BF2142 - Top 1 w/ Park 52 World

You need my help.

You want your brand to be visible in the eyes of the gamers? I am available for consultation as well as execution. Contact me.