3D Model

Lazer Machine

An unrigged Lazer Machine Arm thingy. It looks cool, you’ll be able to use it for your personal or student projects; just sent a credit my way. For commercial projects, contact me directly.

3D Model

Rainbow Six Siege

Jager’s Magpie. I’m giving away a custom Jager’s Magpie from the game Rainbow Six Siege. You can use it however you want, just send a credit my way.

Wallpaper 3440x1440

Alien Air

A UFO steal a cow away in a beautiful 21:9 ratio. Personal use only.


Neon Series

An old series of wallpapers made around neons. Some specs might be a bit old school but hey, it’s wallpapers. Personal use only.


As a self-taught artist for a lot of medias, I relied a lot on free stuff, especially when I was in college. So if it’s possible for me, I’ll share some project files, wallpapers and other visuals. Commercial use ?


If you use something here, send a message on Twitter or Instgram. I’m curious to see what you’re doing with it all.