Fighting Cancer, one skill at the time.

What if the experience cancer gives you wasn’t a discriminatory skill in a professional environment, but a life skill deserving to be showcased with pride?

This was the idea I worked on, along side Famous Grey Paris for Cancer@Work. A new LinkedIn skill to chance how cancer is perceived at work.


  • Motion Design

Awards & Mentions

  • GOLD – StratΓ©gies
  • Coup de Coeur du Jury





Agency – FamousGrey Paris
CD – Regis Boulanger – Romain Repellin
AD – Romain Arrigoni
CR – Nicolas Richard
Production – Les Mercenaires
Producer – JΓ©rΓ©my Halpern
Director – JΓ©rΓ©my Halpern
Director of Photography – Francois-Xavier Repellin
Operator Steadycam – PΓ©ha Morin
Montage – JΓ©rΓ©my Halpern
Studio Sound – Ma JOIE
Producer Son – Gilles Camus