A personal Identity for Twitch, heavily inspired by video games.

If you would’ve told me couple months ago that I’ll post a personal identity in my portfolio, I would’ve laughed. I’m a baby-streamer; but I met a bunch of nice people and made new friends along the way. One thing I wanted for my stream was great visuals and streaming is one of the perfect way to experiment with motion design.

All the visuals were inspired from the Watch_Dogs series. When I first played with game, I was blown away by the AD and I always wanted to recreate it. After a lot of experimentation and failures, I managed to nail the look and feel of it. The secret? Dithering, a lot of it. Here’s a small collection of Motion and stills from the livestream.


  • Motion Design

Softwares & Plugins

  • After Effects
  • Cinema 4D
  • Octane Render
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • PixDither
  • Universal Form

Offline Screen

A time capsule.

This Offline screen is a personal time capsule because I recycled some illustrations I did in college and spiced them up with today’s visual style. A lot of small details were added and the typography was handmade. Also the steak in the middle is an illustration I made for a t-shirt 6 years ago.



There are all the alerts in Twitch which are also made in the same style, follows, subs, raid/host and bits.

Various elements

I didn’t want to show literally every single elements made for the channel because that would be way too long. Between webcam overlays, custom intermissions and other random scenes, I made a lot of visuals and its still growing.